Member Demographics

Members Over Time
The team makeup is constantly evolving Engineering makes up the bulk of the team but the other functions are just as important to the success of the team. The above stacked line chart is linked to our team roster and updates whenever we gain or loose team members.
Degree and Major
The team is made up of students from four colleges at the university. So it should be no surprise to see we have a wide variety of majors on our team
Graduation Date
For EcoCAR3 the team has taken the long term strategy of getting younger students involved. In the past we have noticed that the earlier they become involved with the team the better work they produce when they get to senior design. Over time the distribution of graduation dates should even out. Another thing to notice is the university is switching to the semester system in 2016 which is causing a lot of students to attempt to finish there degrees before then.
Part of what makes Cal State L.A. unique is how many older students we have compared to other universities. This shows up in the age data despite the relativity low number of graduate students we have on our team.
Commute Distance
Members Heatmap Being a commuter school the team comes in every day from all over the Southern California region. We have team members from three counties and some members commute over two hours each way every day. The above image shows a heatmap of where our team commutes from. Warmer colors represent a larger number of members in a given area and cooler colors show less members. Currently this is a static image but we plan on linking it with our team roster in the coming months as soon as our Geo-spatial Analyst gets to it.
As most people know students come from all over the world to go to college in the United States; so it should be no surprise that while the bulk of the team are US citizens that we also get people from all over the world joining our team. The countries in green have the most team members while the ones in red have the least, white means no members.