Mechanical Sub-Team

Year 3

The mechanical subteam is working to finish the integration of the new components. One of the main focus for year three is design refinement to reduce vehicle weight. Once the the powertrain in integrated the subteam will work dynamics behavior of car like the suspension and brakes operation, and reducing noise, vibration and harshness.

Year 2

During year two, mechanical subteam worked on designing new components and fabricating those. Different models were designed and critical components were analyzed with finite element method before fabrication. Ecocar3 team disassembled the existing powertrain and started the integration of the new powertrain configuration, defined on year one.

The subteam also worked with the thermal system design calculating the heat dissipation required than fabricating radiators to accommodate the additional heat. Decided to use two separated liquid cooling loops, one for the ESS, and the other for electrical motor and inverter.

Year 1

The Mechanical subteam tasks can be divided on five topics: packaging study, structural analysis, thermal system design, fuel system design and dynamics. During year one the main focus for Mechanical subteam was to ensure that all components would fit in the car. The team worked on design the packaging of the new architecture and started mapping mount parts that would be necessary to make all the integration possible.