Innovation Sub-Team

Year 3

This year the Innovations subteam will work to incorporate a database and implement formulas for reducing emissions and fuel economy on GIS. The database will hold information of crimes and similar events which will show up as points on the map. The subteam will work primarily with Python and C++ for created the touchscreen interface and manipulating ArcGIS.

Year 2

With the police theme defined for Cal State LA EcoCar, the Innovation sub-team met L.A. County Sheriff’s Department to discuss ideas and get an overview of their interests. It was decided to incorporate a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software connectivity in which we can use mapping services. The GIS will have functions in regards to crime prevention analysis and also with respect to reducing emissions and fuel economy.

During year two Innovation subteam worked on getting different data: crime area, video streams and cameras, real time traffic information and severe climatic data, and advanced routing algorithms.

Year 1

The Innovations sub-team chose to work with a high voltage electric supercharger (HVES) during year one. The sub-team goal was to take a smaller more efficient engine equipped with the HVES to deliver the sports car performance expected from the consumer, improving the eco performance of larger power architectures. The HVES DC motor takes advantage of the High Voltage battery packs that are already supplied by the hybrid architecture to generate the high speed blower necessary to produce the boost in the range of 10-18 psi.

The project did not scored as well as the team expected so a new proposed was done for the following years.