Office of Geospatial Analysis

What We Do

The office of geospatial analysis was created in order to aid the EcoCAR3 team in assessing geospatial data.  This data will be used to assist with various studies and consumer research as well as increase the value of the overall of the teams vehicle.

Areas of Study
  • Alternative Fuel Range Feasibility
  • Real Time GIS for Fleet Monitoring and Driver Geographic Interactivity
  • Interactive Events Map
  • Demographic Data of Target Audiences
Tools used
  • ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Online

We hope to provide our stakeholders with valuable information on alternative fuel types as well as the feasibility of consumers being able to use the team developed car. We also hope to create an in-car system that will be interactive with the driver, and notify them when near to fueling stations and other significant points of interest, making one of these vehicles better for the driver.