Faculty Advisers

Lead Faculty Advisor
David Blekhman Dr. David Blekhman blekhman@calstatela.edu
Is a Professor in the Power, Energy and Transportation program in the Department of Technology at CSULA. Dr. Blekhman received his B.S.-M.S., in Thermal Physics and Engineering from St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 from SUNY Buffalo. Joining CSULA in 2007, Dr. Blekhman is a PI and Co-PI on multiple research and educational grants and the technical director for the CSULA hydrogen refueling and research facility. Bringing emerging "green jobs" opportunities to his students, Dr. Blekhman is actively developing the program by offering new courses such as Fuel Cell Technologies, Photovoltaics, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles etc. Dr. Blekhman was awarded the 2011-2012 Fulbright Scholarship and has appeared in the Discovery Channel “Prophets of the Science Fiction” series.
Mechanical Senior Design Faculty Advisor
  Dr. Stephen Felszeghy  
Electrical Faculty Advisor
  Dr. Charles Liu cliu@calstatela.edu
Senior Design Faculty Advisor
  Ted Nye tnye@calstatela.edu
Geographic Information Systems Faculty Advisor
  Dr. Hong-Lie Qui hqiu@exchange.calstatela.edu
Marketing Faculty Advisor
  Dr. Shirley Stretch-Stephenson sstretc@calstatela.edu
Busness Faculty Advisor
  Dr. Laura Whitcomb lwhitco@calstatela.edu
Computer Science Senior Design Faculty Advisor
  Dr. Yuqing Zhu yuqing.zhu@calstatela.edu