Electrical Sub-Team

Year 3

The goal for year three is have the car running 100% hybrid. To achieve that goal, the Electrical subteam is preparing all the material that will go on the car, this will include integration of high voltage batteries charges into the vehicle. A secondary focus will be dedicated to refinement, running tests and adjustments to improve the car performance. As a part of this reinforcement the year three subteam will be integrating police hardware to the vehicle.

Year 2

Electrical subteam worked on integrating the car architecture selected on year one. The integration work is done together with Mechanical subteam. By the end of year two, the subteam has put all the wires and pinned up devices and connections.

Year 1

During year one, Electrical subteam worked on the new architecture selection. The subteam evaluated different components and ran simulations to define what would better attend to the police needs, for example having a car with good acceleration and quick speed. Together with the other teams it was defined that the 3P architecture could achieve the expected results.