Controls Sub-Team


The Controls subteam program a ‘Supervisory Controller’ to command various ECUs via controller area network (CAN) messages in order to achieve driver input requests and hybrid controls.. Those messages communicate to the components on what they are supposed to do based on the hybrid controls.

Year 3

This year in order to have a 100% running hybrid,the Controls subteam is working on refining and implementing the hybrid controls into the supervisory controller. The controls will also include detailed diagnostics in which the health of major powertrain components are monitored and remediation actions are taken if necessary.

Year 2

In year two, the Controls subteam developed controls for startup and enabling of components. Basic vehicle functionality due to driver inputs such as cranking, basic torque control, and shifter position(PRNDL) were created. Basic fault diagnosis was also developed in which CAN communication between controllers is ensured and that components were enabled and functioning properly.

Year 1

In year one Controls subteam designed hybrid control strategies and tested those into the vehicle models that System Modeling and Simulations subteam made. The hybrid control strategies are constructed in Simulink and aim to improve the vehicle’s energy consumption, performance, and emissions reduction. Such strategies involve the power management between the electric motor and internal combustion engine and regenerative braking.