Communications Department


The Communications department is in charge of maintaining all social media outlets up to date with the team's progress and news, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, the team's official website, etc. The team is also responsible for speaking to elementary - high school level students (focusing on middle school students) about the importance of environmental conservation, green technology, and college involvement in hands-on programs like EcoCAR that prepare you for life after education. The Communications team is also in charge of talking to potential team sponsors and partners that can help advance the mission of the team. For year three the Communication team is working on restructuring the Ecocar website and review internal tools. The team will also continue work with activities for the sponsors and to increase Cal State LA Ecocar3 team exposure.

Does this sound like you're something you would enjoy? Expanding your communications experience while working for one of the continent's most prestigious competitions? If so, message us more information! Welcome to the best!

Year 3

This year the Communication subteam is developing workshops to promote internal and external communication skills such as, How to respond to the Media, Introduction to Public Relations and Communication Crises Management. The subteam continue to promote STEM education to youth, encouraging 9-12th graders to pursue Higher Education.

Year 2

Communication subteam built strong relationships with other campus organizations (i.e. SWE Society of Women Engineers, HBS Hispanic Business Society, Lambda Pi Eta - Communication Honor Society) and gained support from local law enforcement specifically Los Angeles Sheriff's Fleet Management. The subteam also planned and executed youth outreach events, for example creating brief workshops to promote awareness and educate students from 6th-12th grade about STEM education and Eco-friendly automotive solutions.

CSULA EcoCAR 3 gained coverage in the following Los Angeles news outlet : ABC 7 Eyewitness News, KTLA 5. And participated of the Pat Brown Institute Dinner : Leadership and Innovation in the Face of Climate Change in partner with Cal State LA Hydrogen Station.

Year 1

During year one the Communication subteam focus on Internal Communications. The subteam promoted EcoCAR 3 to Cal State LA students recruiting team members and providing them with communication support. It was also developed the team structure with the Project Manager subteam.