Administration Department

Project Management

Year 3

This year our Ecocar3 team desires to have the car running by the end of year 3. To make this possible Project Management team is focused on the monitoring all the executions tasks prepared for this year. The team will work together with all the other teams to help them on managing the activities proposed.

Year 2

At the begin of year two the Project Manager team worked on the year work plan and timeline. The team provided management and planning responsibilities for the overall project, so that Ecocar3 could operate more efficiently and better aligned. The focus during year two was on Change Management and Impact Documentation and Reporting. The first one is a monitoring and controlling for project changes, helping the team to understand how a change can affect the rest of the project. The second document shows how many people have been affected and in what ways by the work done by Ecocar3.

The team also worked with the rest of the equip to manage all the team sponsorship and fundraising activities.

Year 1

Well-structured project management activities are critical to supporting a complex engineering endeavor. In order to manage the four years program, Ecocar3 was divided into four projects, defined by the years. Each project consists in five phases: Initialization, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling and a Closing.

During the first year Project Manager team created some documents in order to auxiliar the development of the program during the years. Some of those documents are: Project Management Plan, that includes a Cost Management Pan where the team created a budget based on estimated costs and evaluated possible fundraising and sponsorship; Gantt Chart, with the major deliverables; and a Risk Management Plan, where the top 25 most likely risk events were identified in order to prevent them.